Open House Chicago Weekend: 10/19-20!

It’s that time again! Open House Chicago returns for its ninth year of open doors across the city, and the Old Chicago Inn + Room 13 will be participating yet again, topping the list of must-see Lakeview destinations. On both Saturday and Sunday, October 19-20, the public is invited to visit the Inn from 10am-5pm and enjoy a cocktail at Room 13 — no reservation required.

Of course, we’re only one of more than 350 sites across the city. From historic churches and theatres, to iconic apartment buildings, unique neighborhood museums, and state-of-the-art architecture firms, the weekend offers an almost overwhelming amount of things to see. To help out, we’ve compiled a short list of sites you should prioritize, and few ones you can easily visit at a later date.

Must see:

  • Fine Arts Building — If the lure of manually operated elevators, a 5th-floor violin fabrication shop, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s former studio space isn’t enough, know that it’s a rare treat to be allowed into the Fine Arts Building’s beautiful Studebaker Theatre.

  • Columbia Yacht Club — Unless you’re already in with a a few members of the Club and can afford to drop a pretty penny for membership, this might be your only chance to climb aboard the MV Abegweit and check out some of its most unique features.

  • The Old Chicago Post Office — The Eisenhower Expressway runs right through this behemoth of a building built to handle the shipping demands of mail-order giants like Montgomery Ward and Sears. Closed since 1997, and currently in the midst of a massive renovation, who isn’t curious to see what the inside is like?

  • Illinois Athletic Club — Downtown college campuses are usually pretty tricky to gain access to sans university ID. SAIC’s unique ballroom space in the former Illinois Athletic Club building is worth a visit, having been lovingly restored by its historic preservation students. (And check the elevators for original IAC insignias!)

  • Edgewater Beach Apartments, Casa Bonita, and Park Castle — Three of the most stunning and iconic apartment buildings on Chicago’s north side will be open for the weekend, and you won’t want to miss seeing the extravagant 1920s pools hidden in each of the trio.

  • Carl Schurtz High School — In 5 years, Prairie architect Dwight Perkins designed over 40 public schools for Chicago… but Schurtz was most certainly his masterpiece. Definitely put this one on your list, as CPS schools aren’t usually publicly accessible to random strangers.

  • Starshaped Press — Jen Farrell is one of our city’s most talented artists, and her letterpress studio is a feast of antique metal type, old-school printing, and printed works celebrating the magic of Chicago. Her studio doesn’t have regular public hours, so be sure to drop by.

  • O’Brien Water Reclamation Plant — Although the MWRD hosts its own one-day open house each spring, the facilities aren’t open to the public very often. Water reclamation is an important ecological process, and surprisingly cool to see in action (algae and lasers, anyone?).

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral — This exquisite church is one of only two designed by architect Louis Sullivan, blending elements of his trademark style with the lush ornamentation of the Orthodox tradition. Tours are offered infrequently, making this site well worth your time.

Skip this time:

  • The Chicago Temple — Don’t get us wrong, the Sky Chapel is an amazing sight to see. Fortunately, the kind folks at First United Methodist Church offer free tours to the top with regularity: Tuesday through Saturday at 2pm, plus Sundays after service.

  • Baha’i Temple — The breathtaking Baha’i House of Worship and informational welcome center are open daily to the public for free. Trekking up to Wilmette to see it is a great way to spend a beautiful day, but not the most efficient way to spend your Open House weekend.

  • Northwestern Observatory — Visiting an observatory during the day?! Why bother, when the public is welcome to tour the facility (and peek through the telescope) every Friday night between 9 and 11pm. Astronomy students are always on hand to answer questions.

  • Second Presbyterian Church — The interior of the Second Presbyterian Church is a marvelous buffet of Arts & Crafts eye candy, including Tiffany windows, hand-painted murals, and luscious wood paneling. But, with docent-led tours four days a week, you can visit the space almost anytime.

  • The Plant — This super cool, slaughterhouse turned urban farm and waste-conscious food business facility offers its own free open house every Saturday from 12-2pm. With a plentiful array of workshops, events, tours, and presentations, you have more than just this weekend to check it out.

  • Garfield Park Conservatory — As a Chicago Park District facility, the Conservatory is free and open daily from
    9-5, with extended hours on Wednesdays. There are many ways to dive deeper into the plant life of the “landscape art under glass,” from free self-guided activities to guided group tours for just $10 per person.

Happy exploring!

Patti Swanson is a Chicago historian, event planner, and a Room 13 industry member.

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