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Race to Wrigley, Race to Spring…

Spring is finally here in Chicago, with a high temperature of 75° for Saturday.   After the long, long winter Chicagoans will be ready to be outside and for those of you visiting this weekend be prepared to see us all coming out of hibernation.  Birds are finally chirping, bats are cracking at Wrigley Field, [...]

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The 100th Home Opener at Wrigley

After the winter we’ve had here in Chicago, with two Polar vortices and near record snowfalls, it’s hard to believe that we are just a few days away from opening day.   Just two weeks ago I walked by Wrigley Field and watched bulldozers removing piles of snow that had been hand shoveled off the field [...]

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The Yankees are Coming!

The New York Yankees that is. It’s been eight years since the Cubs hosted the Yankees for inter-league play at Wrigley Field. When the Yankees visited the Cubs in 2003, the two teams had not met in over 60 years, and the series was greeted with great fanfare. And at the Old Chicago Inn we [...]

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