Theater Thrives in Lakeview

A few nights ago I attended Emma, the famous Jane Austen story adapted by Michael Bloom,  produced by the Dead Writers Theatre Collective and performed at Stage 773,1225 West Belmont Avenue, walking distance from the Old Chicago Inn. For a few hours I was captivated by the well mannered world of the Georgian era.  From the costumes, to the set, complete with antiques and silver tea services, to the style of speech used by the actors, every detail brought us into the world of Jane Austen.  I must admit it was a most welcome sojourn from the busy bustle of our daily life here in Wrigleyville. But that’s the real beauty of theater – to transform our experience and, although temporary, to have us live in another place, another time or in another’s shoes.  Done right its real magic.   I’d say the Dead Writers Theatre Collective has that talent.

If you’re a guest who loves theater you may be surprised to find out that Lakeview offers a wide variety of staged performances, from drama and musical theater, to comedy and cabaret.  In fact we are just blocks away from most of the theaters in the newly formed Belmont Theater District, a group of local, small stages that have formed an alliance to promote the stage arts here in our community.  If you are interested in seeing some excellent local talent while you are here, check out their website for a complete listing of area theaters and current shows.  You can also find deals and offers from local business partners listed on their website.  Our sister business, Trader Todd’s, offers 20% off your bill when you show tickets to a local theater show on the same night.

I hope you’ll want to take in some local theater on your next visit to Lakeview.  I recommend Emma which runs through May 25.  Also recommended by the Old Chicago Inn is a clever production of Hair at the American Theater Company, 1909 W.Byron Street,  running through the end of June.  I am also excited for the upcoming Shaken not Stirred, a three date cabaret performance from The Chicago Red Line starting on May 29th at Davenport’s.  It’s a bit farther away from the Inn at 1338 n. Milwaukee, but certainly worth a taxi ride.  The  cast includes our very own Luke Nevin-Gattle, mixologist at Room 13, the speakeasy at the Old Chicago Inn.


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