Sketchfest in Full Swing

This January some of our happy travelers have discovered that, while other events may have brought them to Chicago, they have landed in Lakeview during the height of hilarity, otherwise known as Sketchfest.  The full title of the two week event is The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.  The name changed, among other reasons, to avoid the misconception that the festival celebrated drawing.  But draw it does, crowds that is.  And at the Old Chicago Inn we highly recommend our guests find time to take in one of the hundreds of performances by comedic artists from all over the US A and Canada.

Chicago is known of course, for its famous improv venues:  Second City and IO (formerly Improv Olympics) where audiences enjoy shows that are unscripted and spontaneous.  Sketchfest, however, brings a much different type of comedy to the stage.  As the name suggests, sketch comedy is defined by scripted vignettes.  While every group may not tickle your particular funny bone, well written, well rehearsed performances abound at Sketchfest.

One of our very favorite comedy sketch groups, Think Tank, will be appearing at Sketchfest on Saturday, January 12 at 6pm.  It’s no wonder this group has been included in the festival for six years now.  Think Tank’s humor is satirical, absurd, sometimes psychedelic and at its best downright sidesplitting. For a glimpse into their world visit:  Complimentary shuttle service to and from Stage 773 is avaible for this show through our sister business Trader Todd’s;  just speak with your innkeeper if you’d like help securing seats.

Sketchfest, which began on January 3rd and runs through the 13th, has been an annual event since 2002 where it has made its home at Lakeview’s Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Ave.  For detailed information about performers, schedules and great tidbits of the festivals history be sure and visit the events website

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