A Unique Souvenir for Lakeview Shoppers this Holiday Season

            Many of our guests who are traveling to Chicago this December  have some holiday shopping among their plans.  So I wanted to let my readers know about a special promotion being offered here in the Lakeview neighborhood by the Central Lakeview Merchants Association and your chance to have a very unique souvenir of your visit to Chicago’s north side.

             How would you like to take home a customized Monopoly Board Game, featuring local businesses and “el stops” in place of the traditional spots like Park Place and Reading Railroad.  The Central Lakeview Edition Monopoly Board game is FREE, while supplies last, when you spend $200 or more at any of the 250+ Central Lakeview Merchants. So dinner out, a show at a local comedy club, and a gift or two from one of our local boutiques and you could qualify for that Monopoly game. For a full list of participants go to:  www.centrallakview.biz .

             If you want to check out the Central Lakeview Edition Monopoly Board, our innkeeper David will be happy to let you use ours in the lounge.  You’ll find The Old Chicago Inn and our sister business Trader Todd’s featured on the board along with other neighborhood favorites.   So roll high, pass go and don’t forget to collect $200!

 Happy Holidays!

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    December 14, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    I would love to include this in our article section – http://www.chicago60657.com/article/

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