A Little Bit of Greektown in Lakeview

Many of our guests enjoy a visit to Greektown when in Chicago but you don’t have to leave Lakeview to enjoy the food, drink and atmosphere of that famous area.  Melanthios Greek Char House is located at 3116 N. Broadway, a short half mile walk from the Old Chicago Inn, and offers all the charm and food to match some of the best of Greektown.


At Melanthios you’ll be greeted by a friendly host who’ll lead you down the center of the restaurant between two half walls.  The division of the space and use of risers gives diners some intimacy while enjoying the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.  Tin roofs form awnings both inside and out pair with the white stucco walls for an authentic Greek village feel.  There is a small bar in the back, built in with a Mediterranean tile awning, opposite the large kitchen window in which you can expect to see whole lamb or pig roasting over an open flame on weekends.


The menu is extensive and if you’re like me and can’t decide they have a few combination plates that offer a sampling of favorites, both hot and cold.  My husband loves the Saganaki (flaming cheese) here, so much he often orders two.  My favorites are their Avgolemono (traditional chicken rice with egg and lemon) soup and the Dolmathakia (grape leaves stuffed with rice and ground beef).  If you have room for dessert try their homemade Galaktoburiko: creamy custard wrapped in phyllo dough. You’ll find daily specials here that include fish and a few options for vegetarians. Especially good is the meatless Moussaka.  Melanthios offers traditional Greek wines in addition to a broader wine list and full bar.


This is a good place for a date or for two couples to enjoy together. Expect to spend $15 – $25 for an entrée.  Call ahead for reservations and for more information visit www.melanthiosgreekcharhouse.com . Opa!


For walking directions to Melanthios from the Old Chicago Inn click here.

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