City Soles at Bargain Prices

For my guests that love to shop, and share my shoe addiction, there are a couple of great places for your inner sole shopper just a couple of blocks from the Old Chicago Inn  Head over to the corner of Clark and Belmont for a visit to the Pink Frog. This accessory store has a clothing collection and lots of trendy accessories at inexpensive prices at street level.  But it’s their basement that I really like.  In a small room one flight down from their main floor is a den of shoes from dressy to casual and everything in between.  This is a great place to go if you forgot your favorite heels at home.  The Pink Frog carries a simple traditional ladies pump in a wide variety of colors, which makes for easy coordinating.  And really their prices are great.  The last time I stopped in I bought a pair of cute canvas runarounds from their closeout shelf for $7!  It’s hard to feel guilty at those prices.


Once you’ve checked out the Pink Frog you’ll have flexed that shoe shopping muscle and be ready for the mecca of discount shoes in Lakeview – DSW.  Located just south of Belmont at 3131 N. Clark in the basement of the Triangle building, yes another basement full of shoes, this store has something for everyone.  Rows and rows of designer shoes for men and women fill the large store.  You can find brand name athletic shoes, flip flops, flats, heels, work shoes, sandals, rain boots, snow boots, slippers and a few shoes that defy categorization.  I always head to the very back first though, that’s where the clearance racks are.  Some of my favorite pairs of shoes have come of these racks, all the more special because I got such a great deal. Throughout the store look for different color codes on the marked sticker prices – different colors correspond with deeper discounts.  DSW also has a small selection of hosiery, socks and handbags conveniently located near the registers for those impulse buys.


If you haven’t had your fill of shoe shopping after these two stores stop into Belmont Army Navy Surplus (855 W Belmont Ave) or Never Mind(953 W Belmont Ave) on your way back to the Inn.

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