Beat the Heat with a Cool Frozen Yogurt!

A heat wave has descended on Chicago which has prompted me to tell our guests at the Old Chicago Inn about some nearby relief  at Forever Yogurt.  When you walk into to the their location at 931 W. Belmont you’ll feel like you’re at an air conditioned annex of the Belmont Train Station next door.  The walls are painted with maps of our local subway and elevated train lines, and the self serve yogurt line is cleverly designed to look like a subway car, complete with working signal lights! 

Start by filling a paper cup with your choice of one or more of their yogurts flavors.  The variety is nice.  Forever Yogurt rotates some flavors but usually has a basic vanilla and chocolate and offers at least one sugar free and one non-dairy option each day as well.  Most yogurts are low fat and a few are fat free. Once you’ve filled your cup you can head over to the toppings bar which has decadent options like chocolate syrup and candy bits and healthy fruit toppings like fresh mango and kiwi slices. 

I enjoy the Peanut butter yogurt with blueberries.  It’s like a frozen PB&J.  And just the other day I tried the honey lavender tart – lusciously different! My husband prefers to mix the cheesecake and chocolate flavors and top it with raspberries and chocolate chips.  Whatever your tastes are you’ll find something to like here.  The yogurt and toppings are priced by the ounce at 45¢.  There is some seating at the store but we prefer to stroll around the neighborhood with our yogurts. 

If you want to cool off like a Chicagoan, after your yogurt, head down Belmont Avenue with your beach towel, to Chicago’s lakefront.   The lake breeze is the perfect remedy to a Summer’s Day!  

For complete information including lakefront maps and swim reports visit the Chicago Park District’s website.

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