Shedd’s Special Exhibit: Jellies

The Shedd Aquarium, one of Chicago’s best known cultural attractions, is a favorite destination for our guests at the Old Chicago Inn. Although this particular recommendation will take you out of the Lakeview neighborhood, it’s definitely worth the trip.  And an easy trip it is; just around the corner from the Old Chicago Inn at the Belmont Train Station you’ll hop on a “Red Line” southbound (marked 95th street) and in just under 20 minutes you’ll exit at the Roosevelt stop, from which the Shedd is an easy 15 minute walk east on Roosevelt.  On your way back remember our tip to guests regarding the red line: You’ll be on the look out for the northbound train which will be marked Howard, remember “Howard, Home.”


In addition to our favorite permanent exhibits like the Caribbean Reef housed in a beautiful walk around rotunda and the Ocenarium, home to beluga whales, pacific white sided dolphins, sea otters and sea lions, I highly recommend the special exhibit “Jellies.”  This exhibit is devoted to the mysterious, strange and beautiful world of Jellyfish.  During the special exhibit’s duration actual species on display will vary.  When we went we saw moon jellies, lion’s mane jellies, umbrella jellies, and a variety of sea nettles all floating against backdrops of  deep color fields which accentuated their delicate, translucent features.


Like all Shedd exhibits, in addition to the visual beauty of the creatures on display, there are plenty of scientific facts and information on conservation incorporated in the exhibit. There is a surcharge to the regular ticket price but the “Jellies” are worth a little extra.  The special exhibit runs through May 28, 2012.  For complete ticket pricing information please visit . For detailed directions to the Shedd for the Old Chicago Inn click here.

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